Hunter Biden remains in hot seat as Grassley and Johnson win reelection – Washington Examiner

The victorious reelection bids by Sens. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) and Ron Johnson (R-WI) mean their ongoing investigations into Hunter Biden and their oversight of the FBI will continue, though how successful those efforts will be hinges on the yet-undetermined control of the Senate.

Grassley won his eighth term in the Senate by handily defeating his Democratic opponent, retired Navy Vice Adm. Mike Franken, while Johnson emerged the winner in a close race for his third term against Democratic Lt. Gov. Mandela Barnes. Both had vowed in recent days to make the Hunter Biden inquiry and FBI accountability top priorities if reelected.

“Americans want the political bias out of the Department of Justice and the FBI,” Grassley said to applause during his Des Moines victory speech Tuesday night. “What they want is equal application of law.”


The longtime Iowa senator was even more direct last week.

“So that you can have confidence in me if I’m reelected, I’m not going to give up on trying to get political bias out of the FBI, and I’m not going to give up on my investigation of Hunter Biden and other Bidens,” Grassley declared at a rally with former President Donald Trump on Thursday. “We follow the facts and we follow the money where it leads us — and there is plenty of money to follow.”

Johnson’s race was called Wednesday hours after he put out a statement declaring that “this race is over.”

Johnson told the Washington Examiner last week: “Regarding Hunter and Biden family corruption, we will closely monitor the activity, or lack thereof, of the Justice Department’s ongoing investigation of their potential illegal activities. I will do everything I can to make sure the American public gets the full truth.”

Grassley and Johnson, who often team up, released a report on the Biden family’s finances in September 2020, and the duo has spent two years continuing to press the Justice Department on shortcomings in the Hunter Biden investigation, including raising whistleblower concerns.

If Republicans win a Senate majority back from Democrats — difficult but not impossible as of Wednesday afternoon — Grassley would be expected to return as chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, while Johnson would likely chair the subcommittee on investigations within the Senate Homeland Security Committee. The two have continued to investigate the Biden family even after the GOP lost the Senate majority in 2020.


Last month, the two Republicans shared more than 200 pages of investigative materials with the prosecutor running the criminal investigation into Biden. The evidence detailed a host of details related to his overseas business dealings in China, Ukraine, and elsewhere.

“I always follow the facts where they lead, follow the money where it leads, regardless of who is in power,” Grassley told the Washington Examiner about his investigation of Biden and his planned oversight of the FBI during the next Congress. “It’s about making sure the government works for the people, not the other way around. Sometimes folks cooperate; sometimes they don’t. But we’re going to get answers one way or another. I won’t stop until we do.”


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